I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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i know i ain’t doing much, doing nothing means a lot to me

living on a shoestring, a fifty cent millionaire
open to charity, rock ‘n’ roll welfare
sitting in my cadillac, listening to my radio
suzy baby get on in, tell me where she wanna go
i’m living in a nightmare, she’s looking like a wet dream
i got myself a cadillac, but i can’t afford the gasoline
i got holes in my shoes, and i’m way overdue
down payment blues

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i am a master nego-shite-or!!

i get what i want… is what i do. i fix shit in my favour! i call you, you are fucked! i don’t know the meaning of no/can’t when i hear it! i capitalize on your flaws/discrepancies. i am relentless, i will not concede/capitulate until i win!! on that note… thanks, vincent… has been a pleasure doing business w/you!

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shit went exactly as planned!

EXACTLY as planned (in my mind, that is)!! could NOT have gone better – no fecking way!! am still in awe/disbelief of how it all went down, and how quickly too?! good karma & horseshoes up the wazoo or what danistrulytheman?! def perfect timing for Hannibal‘s proverbial, “I love it when a plan comes together”!! damn straight, A-man … damn straight!!

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sock it to me!!

Whoa!! How much do I love my bank? How much does my bank love me back? First Mackenzie w/ her never-ending, relentless awesomeness/helpfulness, then Hanan coming on board too … ya both went to bat for me, not letting me get fucked – by your employer no less … speaks volumes! Thank you Mackenzie, thank you Hanan! With that issue finally resolved … today, A stepped up as well regarding a separate matter on the same account! After our brief chat yesterday vowing to make things right with a gift card, informs me after speaking with customer care, all they’d be able to do would be a $20 gift card. Was kinda bummed about the amount (sensed he was as well) … so he suggests we scrap the gift card idea (honestly, never was a fan – I mean it’s like mailing cash, was skeptical/scared … lost/stolen, etc., leaving me still screwed) and asks me if direct depositing $50 (the amount I mentioned yesterday btw) into my account would make things right? Hells yeah!! Hells yeah … that’ll make things plenty right! Kept telling the dude, “you’re the man”! I not only love when people know how to get shit done, they actually go about getting shit done!! Thanks A … you def are the mofo man!! I did say whoa, didn’t I?


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