I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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my brand-spankin’ new Garmin!!

I ordered it online yesterday at 2:39 p.m..

UPS tracking info; from Quebec last night, to Concord and out for delivery at 8:15 a.m..


Arrived at my house between 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. this afternoon.

Less than 24 hours!! That’s fucking sick! My Garmin is fucking sick (so’s the $ I paid)!!


A quickie wrist-pic … can’t wait to run!


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speed run?!

Finally showing some speed! And you know how you can’t always tell how fast you’re running? I was well past my road marker waiting for the 5 minute audio cue, and I ran for another 5-10 seconds before it came. My distance was 1.10 kilometers so I decided to push. I knew it’d mean a shorter run, I had to run back home, so it’s still a 5K + run … and, it was freezing cold, so I was happy to be finished!


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roofing it!

Spent the better part of yesterday installing this HD antenna. The job complete, feeling a tremendous sense of accomplishment … perfect time for a roofgoof pose … and a beer, of course! Pic was taken using a Nokia Lumina 1020, and its mega 41-megapixel sensor w/ 6 Carl Zeiss lenses! Love it!


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my 10K!

WOW! I amazed myself! It’s only been 2 weeks of training, and today I ran my longest distance. And, I’m very pleased with my time; sub 48 minutes! I’ll be honest, when I resumed training after the winter layoff, I was discouraged during my first week back. I think (I know) I expected to jump right back in the saddle and continue where I left off. Today was definitely a step in that direction. The weather was near perfect – so happy to finally have Spring like temps. Oh … and, I wanted to run 10K acknowledging tomorrow’s Toronto Yonge Street 10K  … my 10k y’all!



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