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the best grilled rapini w/ sweet onions!

Yep! I said it (my fave btw)! And, in my Le Creuset dutch oven no less! Not one to read/follow rules, prefer to make up shit as I go … bear in mind, many, many years of cooking/techniques in my back pocket help. I get the pot to a scorching high heat, add olive oil (here’s the secret blogging tip: start w/ very little olive oil and continue adding if needed as opposed to the opposite. It’s very important – keeping in mind the onion and rapini will release liquids as you keep cooking. It’s very crucial you allow for this compensation. For this grilling method we want dry, not wet. We can always add, can’t subtract), then the sliced onions, seasoning as I begin searing. After a few browning moments, next comes the broccoli rabe  followed by more seasoning. Look at how high heat fry cooking essentially grills everything w/ not a hint of sogginess! Sweet! A final sprinkling of chili flakes seals the deal! Enjoy!



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spaghetti & meatballs!

I haven’t been posting many food posts, certainly not like I did in the past. I’m lazy, even w/ this one. I omitted important pics. It’s my home made sauce, and hand made meatballs – I play around and tweak them ever so slightly occasionally. This time, instead of breadcrumbs I used day old bread. I put the loaf out on the counter to make it more stale (drier, easier to work with), and then broke it up, crumbing it. I also grilled the meatballs on my Weber grill using hardwood lump charcoal. I did it not so much for the flavour, I mean it definitely adds a different dimension … my main motivation was not wanting to create a splattering, greasy mess in my kitchen which I’d have to clean, and this worked beautifully browning (blackening really) the meatballs. And, yes this is the glory pic that is missing. Then it was a matter of tossing them into the sauce, simmering for an hour or two. Oh, I also used Barilla extra long spaghetti (comes in a bag, not box) for fun too!



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“you know how many we have? five. six, if you count the dog” – Root

“wait, you mean the machine put me in this silly-ass job?” – Shaw

“just promise me John’s a barrista” – Shaw

“if you had nine lives before, now you’re reduced to one” – Finch

“we don’t need jobs Harold, we need a purpose” – Reese

“now’s not the time to be precious, Harold” – Root

“you have to pick a side, because this is war” – Root

said it before, will say it again – GREATEST show on TV bar none!! greatest writers too!!

season 3 highlights/ season 4 sneak peek …


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